You can enjoy sashimi, stewed dishes and broiled foods made from fresh seafood caught that very day, including oysters, shrimp, turban shell, seasonal fish and shellfish from the Ariake Sea as well as our specialty “Takesaki-Kani.”

Banquet Cuisine

We will line your table one after the other with dishes made using seasonal ingredients, including hand-made appetizers, grilled dishes, steamed dishes, bowl dishes and soups that are unique to Japanese cuisine.
And to finish, you can enjoy crab rice-porridge packed full of crab essence.
Please take your time and enjoy this cuisine, prepared by our experienced head chef, in the privacy of your room.

Enjoy Takesaki-Kani

We offer Takesaki-Kani prepared in a variety of ways, including boiled crab, grilled crab, crab sashimi, etc. The sizes and number of the crabs vary to match your budget.

Recommended Dishes

Sesame tofuOur sesame tofu is popular among repeat customers. This habit-forming dish fills your mouth with the flavor of sesame.

Hand-made picklesThe proprietress personally puts in her time and effort to prepare these pickles starting from procuring the ingredients. We serve many varieties of pickles at breakfast.
These hand-made pickles are packed with signs of the proprietress’s commitment to quality. These exquisite items go superbly with rice and are only available for your enjoyment here.

Takesaki-Kaki sashimiThe freshness of our crabs enables us to offer crab sashimi, with a sweetness that fills your mouth. Please enjoy it together with crab miso.

Regarding dining venues

As a general rule, dinner is served in a (Japanese-style) private room or in your guest room. Groups may also take meals in the great hall.
Breakfast is served in the restaurant on the first floor.