Guest rooms featuring a hot spring

We have a total of six guest rooms available that feature a hot spring.
Taking an outdoor bath in a location with a view of the sea gives an unparalleled feeling of spaciousness.
During your stay, you can experience the passage of time from sunset to starry sky and then sunrise.

Guest rooms featuring a spacious outdoor bath
made from Japanese cypress located on a wooden deck.

These guest rooms allow you to feel like you are staying at a hotel while retaining Japanese aesthetics.
These guest rooms are equipped with a large bed, a desk, a wash basin and a relaxing Japanese space.The outdoor baths are equipped with chairs for use after your bath and candles that create a fantastical atmosphere.
Please enjoy a relaxing time in this warm space that is both Japanese and modern in design.

Normal Japanese rooms

In addition to sea-facing guest rooms, we also have Japanese rooms featuring an unconventional indoor bath.
We have spacious Japanese rooms large enough for groups and families, including large multi-generational families. Room types vary depending on the number of guests.

Points that the proprietress is particular about

Selectable yukata colorsWe provide yukata (informal cotton kimono) and belts in different colors and patterns.
We have a wide variety of styles from simple to cute. Please choose your favorite when checking in.

Amenities specifically chosen for their ease of useOur rooms come complete with all the necessary amenities.
We provide a basket for you to carry around your bath towels, face towels, Japanese tabi socks, etc.

Tea setPlease relax and enjoy some tea in your room.

Room facilities and amenities

Television, telephone, tea set, refrigerator, individual air-conditioner, toilet with warm water cleaning function, tooth brushing set, towels, bath towels, yukata (informal cotton kimono), slippers, pajamas.