The refreshing early-morning sun… The multitude of stars twinkling in the night sky…
In this elegant space, you can have all of these charming versions of the sea all to yourself.

We have a total of six rooms available that feature outdoor baths with a view of the sea.

The sea-facing outdoor baths are equipped with a shower and a place to relax after your bath.
Shampoo and body soap are provided.
At night, you can also light candles to enjoy your bath in a fantasy-like atmosphere.
Please fill the tub with hot water when you want to enter the bath.

Large baths

On the second floor, we have large gender-specific baths.

Gender-specific outdoor baths“Uchu Yuyoku (Stargazer bath)”: How about gazing at the star covered sky from an outdoor bath on a clear night?

Gender-specific indoor bathsIndoor baths for relaxed bathing. Please relieve the fatigue of traveling in our spacious tubs.

About the Tara Takesaki Hot Spring

Sodium hydrogen carbonate hot spring water

Our hot spring water is thought to help with nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive pain, hemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold, recovery from illness, recovery from fatigue, health enhancement, cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases, physically weak children and chronic female disorders.

【Please refrain from entering the bath if you have any of the following symptoms or conditions】
Acute diseases, active tuberculosis, malignant tumors, severe heart disease, respiratory failure, kidney failure, hemorrhagic disease, advanced anemia, any other progressing illnesses in general, or pregnancy (in particular, in the first or last trimester).